‘Stop and Drop’ for Ultimate Control

by Sarah Purdum Master this exercise, and your confidence in the saddle will reach a new level. Read More

What's He Saying?

by Sandy Collier Certain kinds of behavior are clear signals from your horse. Here’s what they mean, and what to do in response. Read More

Comes A Horseman

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer California’s Benny Guitron learned the ropes in ‘the old school,’ and it’s shaped every facet of his being. Read More

Reinforce Responsiveness

by Robin Gollehon Here’s how to sharpen your horse’s responses to cues. Read More

Obstacles? Bring ’Em On--Your Horse Will Love It

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer Work over obstacles can make your horse more supple and willing, plus vastly improve your horsemanship. Check it out—even if you never ride a trail. Read More

Grazing Muzzle

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer A grazing muzzle may look mean, but it's actually a kindness to your horse if he'd otherwise miss out on pasture time Do you have this dilemma? You want to turn your horse out, because... Read More

Sit Securely to Counter Fear

by Heidi A. McLaughlin This exercise will connect you to your horse’s movement, secure your seat, and build your confidence. Read More

Hey--Horses Aren’t Binary!

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer The “if this, then that” mentality that works so well for you in your job will not work the same way with your horse. Clinician Van Hargis explains why not. Read More

Ride Better Right Now!

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer Ten key insights from Don Murphy, one of the most effective riding coaches in the industry. Read More

When Square Is Hip (And Improves Your Horsemanship)

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer Ride a square around four cones to boost your cueing precision and up your horse’s responsiveness. Many variations make this a terrific all-purpose exercise. Read More

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