Regain Control!

by Clinton Anderson Q: I enjoy trail riding, but my Appaloosa mare sometimes acts up for no apparent reason. She’s 11 years old and quiet in an arena, but often when we’re out on the trail, alone or with... Read More

Avoid Horse-Buying Mistakes

by Clinton Anderson Buying the wrong horse can be costly and heartbreaking. Learn to make the right choice by answering these key questions from clinician Clinton Anderson. Read More

No Bucking Broncos!

by Clinton Anderson Do your groundwork in advance, then know precisely what to do if your horse does buck or crow-hop. Read More

'I Give, You Give'

by Clinton Anderson Last month, I showed you how lateral bending can help lower a too-high head. This month, working with the same 7-year-old Appaloosa gelding, I'll show you how to ask a horse to flex at the poll... Read More

'What's the Rush?'

by Clinton Anderson A horse that leads well adjusts his pace to match yours, so that he stays next to you at all speeds. Some horses, however, have developed such a habit of moving slowly that they really hang... Read More

'Gotta Move'

by Clinton Anderson When I ask this mare to stand still, she looks around, moves her feet, and leans into me. If your horse fidgets on the lead line, this month’s clinic will give you the tools you need to teach... Read More

No More Hill-Bolting

by Clinton Anderson Does your horse get over-eager going up or down hills? Here’s how to ride slopes with confidence. Read More

End the Battle at Water Crossings

by Clinton Anderson If your horse hates stepping into water, here’s how to get him over his fear. Read More

#NoWorriesVegas14: Clinton Anderson Before the Event

by Clinton Anderson Clinton Anderson talks about this year's tour, what he hopes participants learn, and why this stop is so special in this interview. Read More

'Buddy' Problems on the Trail

by Clinton Anderson Does your horse display "buddy behavior" on the trail? Does he get anxious and misbehave if you ask him to move beyond or away from one or more of his equine friends? This is a common... Read More

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