What's He Saying?

by Sandy Collier Certain kinds of behavior are clear signals from your horse. Here’s what they mean, and what to do in response. Read More

Ride Smart

by Sandy Collier Training horses is not supposed to be mortal combat. We're supposed to be using our much bigger brains to make learning seem doable and non-threatening to our equine partners. Read More

Gain Sideways Control

by Sandy Collier These three exercises will boost your ability to move both ends of your horse’s body laterally for better overall control. Read More

Turn Tune-Up

by Sandy Collier Use this exercise on the fence to teach your horse to spin or add speed to the maneuver. Read More

Back a Circle

by Sandy Collier Use this step-by-step exercise to square a leaning horse’s shoulders, to supple a stiff horse, or to quiet an antsy horse’s mind. Read More

How To Deal With Your Horse's Natural Asymmetry

by Sandy Collier This adaptation from world champion Sandy Collier's comprehensive training book shows you how you can overcome your horse's natural asymmetry and ride perfect circles in both directions, as well as straight lines that are actually straight. From the editors of Horse & Rider magazine. Read More

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