Reel Him In

by Al Dunning Draw reins improve your horse’s collection for better self-carriage and handle. Read More

Budget Boots for the Barn

by Alexis Bennett Find budget-friendly boots with comfort and practicality for pain-free riding. Read More

Hey! It Works! Vol. 2

by Alexis Bennett Before you buy something for yourself or your horse, you want to know you’ll get what you paid for. These five products performed as promised when put to the test. Read More

Saddle Pads Made Simple

by Al Dunning Think you know everything there’s to know about saddle pads? Think again! Brush up on your knowledge for a happier, more comfortable horse. Read More

Best Breast Collar for Your Buck

by Alexis Bennett Whether you’re looking for a breast collar with all the bells and whistles or a get-the-job done piece, our guide has an option to fit your need. Read More

Get a Handle on Hackamores

by Al Dunning Hone your horse-headgear knowledge, and learn the ins and outs of the traditional hackamore. Read More

Get Your Gear Covered

by Alexis Bennett Your tack is an investment; protect it with carriers or covers that are up for the task. Read More

Barn-Cleaning Tools

by Alexis Bennett Cleaning up around the barn is a dirty job; here are the essentials that get you through it. Read More

We Practice What We Preach

by Alexis Bennett I’m making it my mission to embrace the uncomfortable as I explore new horse-related activities with my long-time-horse friend Chexy. Together we’ll attend clinics, jackpots, and play-day events. I’ll write about the experience in a July issue feature, and share my insight (and embarrassing stories) with the hope that I’ll inspire you to embark on a new adventure. Read More

Do-It-Yourself Patterning

by Alexis Bennett Trainer Darla Kennepohl teaches you how to pattern your barrel-racing horse for quick, efficient runs. Read More

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