Running Martingale

by Al Dunning Are you using your running martingale correctly? Check your habits against my hints. Read More

What Causes Hostile Behavior?

A mare turned suddenly aggressive toward humans may need systematic retraining. Read More

Gallop Poll: Longest Horse-Camping Trip?

With this survey, we want to know the length of the longest horse-camping trip you’ve taken. Please take the poll below, then check the survey’s results in the June 2017 issue of Horse&Rider. Read More

Read His Eye Before You Mount

Learn to read your horse's eye to determine his mood and, hopefully, save yourself a wreck. Read More

Understand Hot and Cold Therapy

Your horse is injured, and you’re not sure if you should be running for hot water or an ice pack. Which is best, and when do you use it? H&R contributing editor and Oregon-based... Read More

Get Your Mojo Back

by Bob Avila Focus on your comeback rather than your setback to move on from mistakes. Read More

The Real-Deal DIYer

by Cathy Raymond Herbert Danny Blackburn has earned the respect of his peers and professionals for the way he handles and trains his own horses. Read More

Show-Time Countdown

by Abigail Boatwright Make the most of the horse-show “hurry-up-and-wait” with these competition-tested do’s and don’ts. Read More

Excess Gas in a Horse With Heaves

Is flatulence a sign of extra trouble in a horse with heaves? Might a hay steamer help? Read More

The Right Horse = A Good Match

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer A good match between you and your horse leads directly to riding success and satisfaction. Here are key factors to consider. Read More

‘Stop and Drop’ for Ultimate Control

by Sarah Purdum Master this exercise, and your confidence in the saddle will reach a new level. Read More

Gallop Poll: Do You Do a Riding-Fit Workout?

With this survey, we want to know if you regularly work out in order to boost your fitness for riding. Please take the poll below, then check the survey’s results in the May 2017 issue of Horse&Rider. Read More

Repurposed Dish Brush

Though mud and muck might be your wintertime reality, don't let that get in the way of clean white points. Here's how to clean up whites quickly for a late season event. Read More

Stuck-Inside Chores

Does the weather have you stuck inside? Here are a few barn-related tasks that you can complete inside to keep you busy. Read More

What Causes Hind-Leg Stamping?

An owner seeks answers about her gelding’s puzzling behavior. Read More

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