What's He Saying?

by Sandy Collier Certain kinds of behavior are clear signals from your horse. Here’s what they mean, and what to do in response. Read More

What Causes Hind-Leg Stamping?

An owner seeks answers about her gelding’s puzzling behavior. Read More

A Fix for Head Tossing

by Jennifer Paulson End head-shaking on the trail—and at home—with advice from clinician Steve Stevens. Read More

What Makes a Mare Attack Her Foal?

An owner wonders if her mare’s grouchy attitude poses a threat to a future foal. Read More

She’s an Angel… She’s a Devil… She’s a Mare!

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Is your mare perfect one day and a demon the next? If so, you’re not alone. Learn steps that you can take to help manage your mare’s moods. Read More

Pain in the Neck

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Problems in your horse’s neck can cause a wide range of confusing signs. These steps will help you sort things out. Read More

How long have you owned your horse?

This month, we want to know how long you've owned your horse. Please click the link and... Read More

Horse Tries to Lie Down at Saddling

Why does this gelding begin to collapse when his cinch is tightened? Read More

'Why Does He Do That?'

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Learn when your horse’s odd behaviors might mean something’s really wrong, and what you should do about it. Read More

Sudden Attack!

by Katherine Houpt, VMD, PhD Q: My two 18-year-old Quarter Horse geldings have lived in the same paddock since they were weanlings. One has always been the boss, but has only shown aggressiveness during feeding time by pinning... Read More

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