By Juli S. Thorson

IMG_2285-776864The Appaloosa makeover mission has been accom- plished. The project and I posed for a few pictures, just to prove it.

Yesterday, after getting a bath and some final primping, Mister (registered as E Arrow Paha) got trailered to the Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center in Moscow, Idaho, where he'll be on display through the summer and early fall. The museum maintains a small pasture behind its headquarters, where Mister and a 20-year-old Appaloosa companion horse are now available for visitors to view.

To get him there, we had to put a few unanticipated trailer miles on That 70s Horse, 29-year-old Tank. Mister balked at the idea of getting in until we put Old Faithful into the trailer first. Having been hauled a million and one rodeo miles, Tank was happy to jump in and show the lil' buddy how it's done. (He rode so happily that we almost forgot he was in there, and started to park the trailer before remembering to unload him!)

The barn seemed pretty empty after we got home from dropping Mister off. Funny how horses can grow on you in just a few weeks' time!