Build confidence

‘Swing’ for Shoulder Control

by Taylor McIntosh Good control of your horse’s shoulder improves your riding and ups your in-saddle confidence. Read More

The Difference a Clinic Makes

by Jennifer von Geldern Five clinic participants share their experiences so you can get the most out of the next clinic you attend. Read More

Riding After a Replacement

by Jennifer von Geldern Facing a joint-replacement surgery, but afraid you won’t get back in the saddle afterward? Three riders share their experiences to offer you encouragement and insight. Read More

Top Five Conditioning Flubs

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Is it time to get your horse in shape? Learn about five common conditioning blunders—and how to avoid them. Read More

Gallop Poll: Donated a Therapy Horse?

In July, we want to know whether you've donated a horse to a therapeutic riding program, or not. Share your feedback in the poll below and see the results in our 'Talk' page. Read More

Mount Up Right for Safety, Confidence

by Steve Stevens How you mount your horse can set the tone for a safe, effective ride. Here’s how to get both you and your horse started on the right foot. Read More

Have Fun, Safely

Christy Landwehr of the Certified Horsemanship Association teaches horse safety topics that improve riders knowledge of best horse-care practices. Learn to catch and release your horse safely, tie knots, and more. Read More

Way to Show!

by Alana Harrison Do you wish you were doing more in the competitive arena? Meet three horsewomen from Texas who just might inspire you to leap into showing—or move up a level. Read More

We Practice What We Preach

by Alexis Bennett I’m making it my mission to embrace the uncomfortable as I explore new horse-related activities with my long-time-horse friend Chexy. Together we’ll attend clinics, jackpots, and play-day events. I’ll write about the experience in a July issue feature, and share my insight (and embarrassing stories) with the hope that I’ll inspire you to embark on a new adventure. Read More

Do-It-Yourself Patterning

by Alexis Bennett Trainer Darla Kennepohl teaches you how to pattern your barrel-racing horse for quick, efficient runs. Read More

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