Build confidence

Harmonize Your Horsemanship

by Linda Parelli Learn to match your level of energy to your horse’s for best results in riding and handling. Read More

Learn to 'Read' Your Horse

by Bobbie Emmons Are you afraid of making mistakes and displeasing your instructor? Don’t be. Focus on your horse instead, and watch your riding improve. Read More

Mount Up Right for Safety, Confidence

by Steve Stevens How you mount your horse can set the tone for a safe, effective ride. Here's how to get both you and your horse started on the right foot, complete with instruction from trainer Steve Stevens. Read More

Our Pick! Best Make It Work Moment

When he walked into the herd at the National Reined Cow Horse Association Stallion Stakes this spring, longtime pro John Ward had no intention of cutting bridleless. But that’s exactly what he did when his headstall broke while working his first cow in the open preliminary round. Read More

I Shouldn't Be Alive!

by Cynthia Cantleberry After suffering a near-fatal injury in a horse wreck, 69-year-old trainer Cynthia Cantleberry came roaring back, and lived her AQHA World Show dream. Read More

#WalkInOurBoots with Shelley Diede

by Alexis Bennett Shelley Diede of Mead, Colorado, shares how she's stayed focused during her second trip to the AQHA Select World Show, and how she got "hooked" on the ranch riding event. Read More

Celebrating 35 Years with CTRC

For 35 years, horses at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center have touched lives in the community and they continue to give their riders a leg up on life. As the oldest and largest therapeutic riding... Read More

A Stab At Ranch Sorting

by Alexis Bennett #ChexyandLexi did a little cross training on Saturday by testing their skill at a ranch-sorting event. What new event have you tried recently, and which would you recommend we take a shot at in the future? Comment or email to share your suggestions and stories. Read More

Slay the Fear Dragon

by Karen Scholl Fear doesn’t have to keep you out of the saddle. Here’s help that’ll give your confidence a leg back up. Read More

Gain Sideways Control

by Sandy Collier These three exercises will boost your ability to move both ends of your horse’s body laterally for better overall control. Read More

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