Grazing Muzzle

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer A grazing muzzle may look mean, but it's actually a kindness to your horse if he'd otherwise miss out on pasture time Do you have this dilemma? You want to turn your horse out, because... Read More

Things That Go Bump!

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Everyone around you has opinions about your horse’s hives. H&R’s contributing veterinarian debunks common myths about this condition. Read More

Horse Health by the Season

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Winter, spring, summer, or fall…all you’ve got to do is remember what your horse needs to stay healthy. Our seasonal guide will help you. Read More

'Old Horse' Quiz

Identify changes in your horse's health as he ages. This 20-question quiz from Equine Guelph helps you understand general management, hoof care, nutrition, dental care, and diseases and disorders in the senior horse. Read More

Gallop Poll: Dealt With Navicular?

Tell us about your experience with navicular. Have you ever had a horse with the issue, and were you able to manage the problem? Follow the link to share your feedback, and then see the results in our June '16 issue Talk page. Read More

Top Tips for Following a Low-Sugar/High-Fiber Diet

Two horse-care trends earn top marks this year: feeding a low-sugar/high-fiber diet and providing more turnout time. Read More

5 Fall-Feeding Tips

Credit: Photo provided by Purina Animal Science The leaves are changing, the days are shortening, and the daytime temperatures are cooling-----fall is officially here! The new season... Read More

A Matter of Taste

According to a study at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, apple flavors may not be your horse’s first pick from the menu. Find out some of his favorites here. Read More

Feed for Laminitis-Prone Mare

What’s the safest way to put weight on a mare that’s thin—but has had problems with laminitis? Read More

Adding Electrolytes

Does your horse need an electrolyte supplement during these hot summer months? Here are some tips for adding electrolytes safely: Read More

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