Ground work

Harmonize Your Horsemanship

by Linda Parelli Learn to match your level of energy to your horse’s for best results in riding and handling. Read More

Establish Control on the Longe Line

by Jennifer Paulson Trainer Patty Vatterott discusses how to gain a horse’s attention on the longe line for a more productive training session. Read More

Overcome Chronic Spooking

by Jennifer Paulson Ty Brazeal offers advice to help a horse past his tendency to spook at what the rider calls “everything,” despite her best efforts to desensitize the horse to the upsetting stimuli. Read More

No Bucking Broncos!

by Clinton Anderson Do your groundwork in advance, then know precisely what to do if your horse does buck or crow-hop. Read More

'What's the Rush?'

by Clinton Anderson A horse that leads well adjusts his pace to match yours, so that he stays next to you at all speeds. Some horses, however, have developed such a habit of moving slowly that they really hang... Read More

Braver Horse, Braver You

by Glenn Stewart Done properly, this stick-and-string exercise will teach your horse to think more and spook less. Read More

'Gotta Move'

by Clinton Anderson When I ask this mare to stand still, she looks around, moves her feet, and leans into me. If your horse fidgets on the lead line, this month’s clinic will give you the tools you need to teach... Read More

Read His Eye Before You Mount

Learn to read your horse's eye to determine his mood and, hopefully, save yourself a wreck. Read More

The Horse’s Advocate

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer If horses could choose someone to speak on their behalf, they’d pick Tom Dorrance, a gentle man whose philosophy is as much about living as it is about riding. (An H&R ‘Close Up’ profile first published in July 1997.) Read More

Makeover Your Hard-to-Catch Horse

by Jennifer Paulson Pat Parelli offers insight into why a horse might be hard to catch, and how to change his behavior for a more enjoyable relationship. Read More

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