The Lame Horse

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Do you remember the days a horse was diagnosed "navicular" with a single nerve block and a set of X-rays? He was given a "guarded" prognosis as a performance horse, and a... Read More

Gallop Poll: Ever Used Hoof Boots?

This month we ask about your experience with hoof boots. Have you used them, and if not, would you like to? Share your response in the poll and see the results in the June 2015 Horse&Rider issue. Read More

Still Lame? Now What?

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Your horse is lame, and you're anxious to find the best treatment for his injury. If you're lucky, a thorough clinical exam will lead you through the maze of high-tech diagnostic... Read More

Navicular or Not?

by Barb Crabbe, DVM If your horse has heel pain, a problem with his navicular bone is just one of many possible explanations. Learn why an accurate diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. Read More

Oh, My Aching Joints!

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Learn why joint disease is a leading cause of lameness—and how advances in diagnosis and treatment can increase the odds your horse will stay sound. Read More

Keep Your All-Around Mount Sound

by Julie Preble Once you find the perfect all-around mount, you'll want to keep him sound. Use these tips from our experts. Read More

Therapeutic Equipment

Zara Phillips, Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter. | Photo courtesy of Equine THOR If you're seeking alternative therapies, chances are you'll encounter a wide variety of different gadgets and gizmos Read More

Horse Heaves: Symptoms and Treatment

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Labored breathing can be a sign of recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), or heaves. Know what to look for, as early treatment is the key to managing this chronic lung condition. That nagging little cough Read More

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