Pattern perfect

Break Out the Bowtie

by Jennifer Paulson Use this bow-shaped pattern to keep your horse engaged, soften his body, and elevate his shoulders. Read More

Tackle This Trail Test

Judge Sandy Jirkovsky talks you through this tough combination of trail obstacles. Read More

Showmanship: Thinking a Step Ahead

Trainer Jackie Lee Jackson guides you through a challenging showmanship pattern that requires focus and advance planning. Read More

Reining Pattern 1: Smooth and Steady

Top trainer and judge Mike Drennan gives you tips for the final five maneuvers of NRHA, AQHA, APHA, and ApHC Reining Pattern 1. Read More

Perfectly Paced

Top judge Maryann Willoughby guides you through the first two maneuvers of NRHA Reining Pattern 2. Read More

Master Pace and Cadence

Cynthia Rucker, a judge with multiple organizations, guides you through Maneuvers 3 through 7 of NRHA Pattern 3. Read More

Hone Your Horsemanship Skills

Top trainer and judge John Letham guides you through this challenging horsemanship pattern and offers tips to improve your score. Read More

Perfecting Pattern 3

Trainer and judge Leslie Lange guides you through Western Riding Pattern 3 with advice on how to avoid penalties and plus your scores. Read More

Tricky Trail Combination

Top trainer and judge Dave Parlier guides you through three challenging trail obstacles. Read More

Solid Spins and Stops

Top judge Maryann Willoughby details the second part of NRHA Reining Pattern 2, and guides you through the final five maneuvers. Read More

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