Pattern perfect

In-Sync Showmanship

Judge Christy Wood guides you through this challenging showmanship pattern. Read More

Achieve Crisp, Clean Horsemanship

Trainer and judge Karen Banister guides you through a challenging horsemanship pattern that tests your skill and your horse’s handiness. Read More

Keep It Pretty and Precise

Trainer and judge Dave Moore guides you through the technical challenges of Western Riding Pattern 3 with practical tips. Read More

NRHA Reining Pattern 3

Cynthia Rucker gives tips on riding the first two maneuvers of NRHA Pattern 3. Read More

Like Clockwork

Aim for precision in Western riding pattern 2. Read More

Smooth & Precise: Western Riding Pattern II

by Leslie Lange To ace this western riding pattern you'll need to ride fluidly and precisely, and with perfect timing. By Leslie Lange. Read More

Memorize Those Horsemanship Patterns!

Top judge Carla Wennberg walks you through the steps to remembering your horsemanship pattern. From Horse & Rider magazine. Read More

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