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Stretch It Out

by Laurel Walker Denton Master gait extension by understanding what it means and how to ask your horse to lengthen his stride for extended gaits. Read More

Circle Precision

by Andrea Fappani Use these two exercises to hone your horse’s circling ability and ‘guide.’ Read More

Find Your Center

by Mark Stevens Use this exercise to determine if you lean to the right or left in the saddle, then practice it in your weaker direction to get centered. Read More

Invisible Cues

by Andrea Fappani When getting your maneuvers solid, don’t forget that making your requests imperceptible to the judge should be part of the plan. Read More

Driving the Cow

by Al Dunning Use this exercise to keep your horse alert and focused when boxing a cow. Read More

Beat Lead-Change Anticipation

by Jennifer Paulson Use tactics to prevent lead-change anticipation, as well as reap other benefits. Read More

Off-Hand Gate

by Jill Newcomb Learn the correct way to work a gate from the ‘wrong side.’ Read More

Crack the Rollback

by Mike Berg Use this rollback exercise at home to ensure that you stay out of the penalty box when you go show. Read More

Slow Hand

by Shawn Flarida Learn to use your reining hand with maximum subtlety and feel; reining superstar Shawn Flarida shows you how. Read More

Counter-Bend Drill

by Al Dunning Gain precision and control with this maneuver, and feel your horse’s turnarounds flow. Read More

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