Private lesson

Safe Passing

by Jill Newcomb Keep safety in mind when passing on the rail, without sacrificing proper presentation to the judge. Read More

Steps to the Stop

by Al Dunning Learn to see and feel a stop in your mind, so you are better prepared to ask for the maneuver when horseback. Read More

Rundowns That Rate

by Darren Stancik Use these tips for schooling rundowns at home, and you’ll see improvements in the show pen. Read More

Trail-Class Gate

by Jill Newcomb Working a rope gate for the trail class requires style and finesse. Here are pointers for earning high marks. Read More

Improve Your Position

by Bill Melendez Use these tips to best engage your core, seat, and legs in the saddle. Read More

Perfect Circles

by Darren Stancik Use this exercise to hone your horse’s guide and force yourself to focus when traveling on a circle. Read More

Warm Up Right

by Al Dunning Use this tried-and-true exercise before every ride to identify problem areas and encourage softness. Read More

A Better Backup

by Cindy Stephens-McCraw A willing, straight backup demonstrates a good connection between your hands, your legs, and your horse’s mouth. I like to call this "over the top" training, because you make a... Read More

Trail Turnaround Box

by Kelly McDowall Learn to precisely execute this obstacle in your class, or use this exercise to get a better handle on your horse at home. Read More

Back Straight on the Ground

by Jennifer Paulson Keep your back-up straight and precise with position pointers. Read More

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