Circle Precision

by Andrea Fappani Use these two exercises to hone your horse’s circling ability and ‘guide.’ Read More

Solve Your Rein-Management Issues

by Jennifer Paulson Pro Al Dunning explains different ways to use split reins and how to master each rein position. Read More

Warm Up the Right Way

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer Don’t be blasé about warm-ups. A proper pre-ride session avoids injury and sets your horse up to perform. Read More

Find Your Center

by Mark Stevens Use this exercise to determine if you lean to the right or left in the saddle, then practice it in your weaker direction to get centered. Read More

Our Pick! Best Viral Video of 2015

“Walk with a purpose!” chided youth exhibitor Avery Mortman of Spring, Texas. Her no-nonsense showmanship lesson given to RODEOHOUSTON Unplugged personality (and non-horseman) Mark O’Shea had everyone in our office in hysterics. The video, posted to the event’s Facebook page, was viewed almost 100,000 times and shared more than 1,000 times—and that’s just on the RODEOHOUSTON page. Read More

New Horse? First Show? Read This

by Craig Johnson No matter how seasoned or well- trained, a horse that’s new to you requires a first-show game plan. Prepare with a pro’s advice. Read More

Fix Position Blunders

by Jill Newcomb Fine-tune your showmanship position to alleviate pattern mistakes. Read More

Show-Day Do

by Andrea Simons If you have long hair, you know how challenging it can be to wrestle your tresses into a tidy bun--and make it look nice under your hat for the show ring. And while a ponytail may be acceptable... Read More

The No. 1 Mistake Even Good Trainers Make

by Bob Avila Learn how this costly error will derail a horse’s progress, and what you can do to avoid it. Read More

The Little Horse That Could

by Kelly Lear Sometimes cost and pedigree and professional training aren’t what make the difference. Sometimes it’s what’s inside that counts. Read More

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