Make a Show-Day Checklist

by The H&R Staff Use our list to build your own template that'll keep you organized and prepared every time you haul your horse. Read More

Western Dressage: Ride a Test!

by Lynn Palm Get a taste for this buzzworthy sport by trying out a Western dressage test right here. Read More

Western Dressage

by Al Dunning Classical horsemanship is the foundation of all riding. Let it help improve you and your horse. Read More

Every Minute Counts

by Michelle Chapman Every single minute you spend with your horse is meaningful; it can be positive or negative. You want to build plenty of positive experiences to help you and your horse work as a team to your fullest... Read More

First-Show Prep

by Bob Avila If your horse is tense or nervous when he first gets to the show, long trot or lope him to help him settle into his new surroundings. (Longeing him first can make your job easier.) Once he's... Read More

Showmanship: Thinking a Step Ahead

Trainer Jackie Lee Jackson guides you through a challenging showmanship pattern that requires focus and advance planning. Read More

In-Sync Showmanship

Judge Christy Wood guides you through this challenging showmanship pattern. Read More

Make a Good First Impression

by Alana Harrison Andrea Simons shows our reader how to make a great first impression on the judge—and maybe nab that next blue ribbon! Read More

Back Straight on the Ground

by Jennifer Paulson Keep your back-up straight and precise with position pointers. Read More

Hit the Mark

by Sara Simons In a showmanship pattern, the details—like making every marker—matter most. Read More

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