We'd Love To Own: Chics Smart Lena

Watch Chics Smart Lena compete in the IRCHA Open Two Rein event.  Read More

Genetic Testing: Black, White, or Shades of Gray?

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Learn details about five-panel genetic testing and its positive influence on breeding decisions. Read More

Bold, Black Legs

by Larry Little Enhance your horse’s black leg markings in four easy steps. Read More

Love To Own: The Immortal

Watch Leslie Lange and The Immortal compete in a Western riding class.  Read More

Winning The Congress

by Nichole Chirico For the first time in a long time I'm watching the All-American Quarter Horse Congress from my trusty computer. While I don't miss the unpredictable weather (it's 70 degrees here in Boulder), or the... Read More

Ranch Riding Square Corners

by Laurel Walker Denton Executing a square corner in a ranch riding pattern requires a different kind of finesse than a regular horsemanship pattern. Learn the nuances here. Read More

Back the ‘L’

by Mark Stevens Test your horse’s backing skills and response to leg pressure by working the L-shaped back-through. Read More

Love to Own: Dat Flowing Bunny

by Nichole Chirico Dat Flowing Bunny, or Flo Jo, is a 15-year-old AQHA gelding owned and ridden by Chayni Chamberlain of Stephenville, Texas. Look for him in the our July issue and watch this video of him and Chayni in... Read More

The Start of Something New

by Nichole Chirico As I finish up my first couple of weeks with Horse&Rider, it is finally sinking in how lucky I am to be given the opportunity to work for such a well-respected publication. Growing up I remember looking at... Read More

Winds of Change

by Jennifer Paulson If one theme stood out at the town hall and general meeting at this year's AQHA Convention, it's that we're in this together to effect positive change for our horses and the future of the horse... Read More

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