#RideWithBrad: Back-Up Exercise

Sometimes your horse is stiffer in his body going one way over... Read More

Back the ‘L’

by Mark Stevens Test your horse’s backing skills and response to leg pressure by working the L-shaped back-through. Read More

Saddle Pads Made Simple

by Al Dunning Think you know everything there’s to know about saddle pads? Think again! Brush up on your knowledge for a happier, more comfortable horse. Read More

Watch Out for That Tree!

by Nancy Cahill Nancy Cahill uses a tree and a box made of poles to help her horses master a supple, collected backup. Read More

Get in Sync With a ‘Relaxed Reverse’

by Bill Bormes This simple walk/back-up/stand exercise will sharpen your cueing plus boost your horse’s responsiveness. Read More

Invisible Cues

by Andrea Fappani When getting your maneuvers solid, don’t forget that making your requests imperceptible to the judge should be part of the plan. Read More

Overcoming the Grooming Grumpies

Some horses love to be handled, and they'll stand quietly for everything from ear clipping to washing their tails. But if your horse doesn't stand like a statue, don't worry. We'll talk about what you can do to make grooming a better experience Read More

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