Julie Goodnight

Know the Zone

Believe it or not, your horse can reach his hind leg forward almost all the way to his front leg. He can extend it fully to the side and back as well. So, cautions Certified Horsemanship... Read More

Helmets 101

by Julie Preble Don’t know what to look for when trying on a protective helmet? Confused by the array of sizes, styles, and types from which to choose? Let us help you make sense of it all! Read More

The Key to De-Spooking Shadow

by Annette Nole Hall Desensitizing had failed. Could a new approach help this gelding—on camera, no less? Read More

Seat-Bone Power! (Do *You* Have It?)

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer Your seat bones can be a subtle and effective communication tool in the saddle. Get a feel for how they actually work so you can fine-tune your horsemanship. Read More

The Rarely Ridden Horse

by Alexis Bennett Use these five strategies from our experts to keep your seldom-ridden horse tuned-up and connected with you. Read More

Ride Your Horse Like…a Helicopter Pilot?

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer Want to ride with greater finesse and connection to your horse? Think and act like a helicopter pilot. Julie Goodnight explains how. Read More

Half-Halt Help

by Julie Goodnight Having trouble collecting for a lead change? Borrow this English-riding technique to help you nail your flying lead change before the show season. Read More

3 Ways to De-Spook Your Horse

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer If your horse is spooky, here are three training techniques to help him become more of a Steady Eddie. Read More

Safely Get in the Saddle With a Mounting Block

by Jennifer Paulson Clinician Julie Goodnight discusses why mounting with a block is a good idea, and how to use one safely. Read More

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