#RideWithBrad: Back-Up Exercise

Sometimes your horse is stiffer in his body going one way over... Read More

Surviving Green + Green

by Alana Harrison It’s the ‘forbidden’ match—a green rider on a green horse. If you ever find yourself in this situation, follow these strategies to up the odds that you’ll wind up safe and successful. Read More

Mistakes Horse Buyers Make

by Bob Avila Save yourself trouble and heartache by learning from the eight mistakes I see buyers make all too often. Read More

My Pre-Ride Warm-Up Routine

You tell us how you warm your horse up before putting him to serious work. Read More

Keep Your Horse on the Rail

by Alana Harrison Trainer Carol Metcalf helps a reader guide her wayward mare back to the rail—and keep her there. Read More

#ReadyToRide: Analysis of a Performance Gelding's Conformation

Al Dunning analyzes a gelding's conformation and shares the pros and cons of his performance potential. Read More

Al Dunning: Tips on Mares, Geldings, and Studs

Al Dunning shares his insight on mares, geldings, and studs. Read More

#ReadyToRide: The German Martingale

Al Dunning talks about German martingales in this installment of #ReadyToRide. Read More

#ReadyToRide: Proper Rein Use

Al Dunning teaches you to use your reins with finesse instead of force. Read More

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