#RideWithBrad: Bits vs. Dental

Does your horse need a new bit or just a visit from the dentist? See why you should have a dentist look at your horse's mouth before you decide to switch bits.  Read More

Al Dunning Tack Talk: Cavessons

Al Dunning talks about cavessons in this installment of Tack Talk. Read More

Al Dunning #ReadyToRide: Twisted Snaffle Bit

Al Dunning talks about the twisted snaffle bit in this installment of Tack Talk. Read More

Al Dunning: Bits

#ReadyToRide Al Dunning explains bit function and discusses bit selection. Read More

Does He Hate His Bit?

by Carol Metcalf Pro Carol Metcalf discusses five signs that may indicate your horse dislikes his bit. Find out how you can give your horse a happier mouth. Read More

Online Advice: Be Smart

by Kaylon Sullins Robinson Which questions should you avoid asking of your online horse community? Here are three common queries to steer clear from, plus some general help-seeking advice. Read More

Get a Better Response

by Bob Avila It’s not a bigger bit (or bigger spurs or bigger cues). Read on to get the answer. Read More

Essential Headgear

by Dick Pieper Here’s what a top performance horseman prefers as headgear for his horses—and why. Read More

The Bit I Ride My Horse in Is a…

You tell which type of bit you use when you ride your horse, and why. Read More

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