We'd Love To Own: Chics Smart Lena

Watch Chics Smart Lena compete in the IRCHA Open Two Rein event.  Read More

Comes A Horseman

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer California’s Benny Guitron learned the ropes in ‘the old school,’ and it’s shaped every facet of his being. Read More

NRCHA Stallion Stakes Win

Maggie Cincotta and Ka Rona win the 2015 NRCHA Youth Limited Stallion Stakes class. Be sure to read her story in the October issue of Horse&Rider. (Please note: sound doesn't work for some of the... Read More

Jaw-Dropping GIF

Erin Taormino is all smiles aboard Plain Wright at the 2015 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity where they finished with the reserve title and the highest fence-work score of the event. Read More

5 Questions with Jake Telford

Which career would NRCHA trainer, million dollar rider, and now NRCHA futurity winner Jake Telford choose outside of horses? Find out this and more in '5 Questions with Jake Telford.' Read More

All Play, Some Work

by Alexis Bennett Assistant Editor Alexis Bennett played in Pueblo at the 2015 NRCHA Hackamore Classic. Read More

Cow Horse Boxing

by Jennifer von Geldern Get involved in cow horse competition with a division that’s designed for newcomers to the sport. Read More

LTO: Oh Cay N Short

Watch the video of July's "Love To Own" horse Oh Cay N Short as he and owner Boyd Rice compete at the NRCHA World's Greatest Horseman competition.  Read More

Your Slave, Or Your Partner?

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer I miss Greg Ward. The late horseman is one of my personal heroes. A legend in the cow horse world, the native Californian was known simply as "The Master." The late Greg Ward, master horseman, with Read More

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