#RideWithBrad: When To Use Bell Boots

Do you know when you should use bell boots on your horse? Brad explains why he uses bell boots and when he uses them on his horses.  Read More

#RideWithBrad: What's a Bit's Purchase?

Do you know what a bit's purchase is? Brad Barkemeyer explains why the bit's purchase is one of the most important parts of your horse's bit.  Read More

#RideWithBrad: When To Say Whoa

Don't say whoa all the time. Break it up to where the horse has to respond from your feet, or just by pulling on the reins, or doing nothing else besides saying whoa.  Before you try this... Read More

#RideWithBrad: Bits vs. Dental

Does your horse need a new bit or just a visit from the dentist? See why you should have a dentist look at your horse's mouth before you decide to switch bits.  Read More

#RideWithBrad: Back-Up Exercise

Sometimes your horse is stiffer in his body going one way over... Read More

#ReadyToRide: Analysis of a Performance Gelding's Conformation

Al Dunning analyzes a gelding's conformation and shares the pros and cons of his performance potential. Read More

Drop the Stirrups

A few simple exercises while riding without stirrups will boost your strength, stamina, effectiveness, and confidence. Read More

#ReadyToRide: The German Martingale

Al Dunning talks about German martingales in this installment of #ReadyToRide. Read More

#ReadyToRide: Proper Rein Use

Al Dunning teaches you to use your reins with finesse instead of force. Read More

Al Dunning Tack Talk: Martingale

Al Dunning talks about the martingale in this installment of Tack Talk. Read More

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