This Weeks Tip

Repurposed Dish Brush

Though mud and muck might be your wintertime reality, don't let that get in the way of clean white points. Here's how to clean up whites quickly for a late season event. Read More

The Best Wound Healing

When your horse sustains an injury that leaves an open wound, the goal is a complete and uncomplicated healing. Read More

Ease Hoof Pain

If your horse is constantly sore, check out products to solve the problem rather than let your horse suffer through constant pain. Read More

Stuck-Inside Chores

Does the weather have you stuck inside? Here are a few barn-related tasks that you can complete inside to keep you busy. Read More

Give a Cold-Weather ‘Sponge Bath'

Problem: You need your haired-up horse to look his best for a group ride, but it's cold out and you're short on time. Solution: Give him a cold-weather sponge... Read More

Quick Clean-Up Solution

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson The problem: You need a quick clean-up when on a long trail ride or after a full day at the barn. Reach for: Your coat-stain remover, like Cowboy... Read More

Tips for Winter Warmth

Staying dry is a big part of staying warm. Your horse’s coat will shed some rain unless the precipitation lasts a long time or is driven by a strong wind. In severe weather, outdoor... Read More

Your Best First-Aid Kit

Credit: H&R file photo When an emergency happens, you must be prepared. This list of items essential to an equine first-aid kit is adapted from The Comprehensive Guide to Equine... Read More

Conditioning Caution

Credit: Photo by Alana Harrison If your horse is mostly laid off over the winter, you’ll need a well-thought-out conditioning plan to bring him back into shape once weather... Read More

Know the Zone

Believe it or not, your horse can reach his hind leg forward almost all the way to his front leg. He can extend it fully to the side and back as well. So, cautions Certified Horsemanship... Read More

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