Western Pleasure

Stop Right Now!

by Nancy Cahill Achieve a pretty, solid stop—every time—by understanding the mechanics of a stop and using this simple exercise. Read More

Circle Precision

by Andrea Fappani Use these two exercises to hone your horse’s circling ability and ‘guide.’ Read More

Solve Your Rein-Management Issues

by Jennifer Paulson Pro Al Dunning explains different ways to use split reins and how to master each rein position. Read More

Warm Up the Right Way

by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer Don’t be blasé about warm-ups. A proper pre-ride session avoids injury and sets your horse up to perform. Read More

Find Your Center

by Mark Stevens Use this exercise to determine if you lean to the right or left in the saddle, then practice it in your weaker direction to get centered. Read More

Too Young?

by Bob Avila Horse people have long debated the wisdom of showing (or racing) 2- and 3-year-old horses (and younger). The oft-heard question is, Are they too young? This year, at least two... Read More

Arena Exercises for Fun & Problem-Solving

by Debbie Moors Learn how to improve your horse's responsiveness and polish your riding skills and horsemanship using these 10 fun arena exercises. Read More


by Mark Stevens For correct body carriage on the rail, raise your horse’s headset and elevate his shoulders and forehand. Read More

New Horse? First Show? Read This

by Craig Johnson No matter how seasoned or well- trained, a horse that’s new to you requires a first-show game plan. Prepare with a pro’s advice. Read More

Outsmart Anticipation

by Alexis Bennett An equine behaviorist teaches you the why, and expert trainers teach you the how behind your horse’s anticipation—so you can nix it now. Read More

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