Western Pleasure

Get a Better Response

by Bob Avila It’s not a bigger bit (or bigger spurs or bigger cues). Read on to get the answer. Read More

Busted: 6 Training Myths

by Craig Johnson A top trainer debunks common training principles you may have been taking as gospel. Read More

Western Pleasure: First, Be Correct

by Dave Dellin Not sure how today’s pleasure horses are supposed to look as they perform? Here are specific do’s and don’ts, based on new rules. Read More

Safe Passing

by Jill Newcomb Keep safety in mind when passing on the rail, without sacrificing proper presentation to the judge. Read More

The No. 1 Mistake Even Good Trainers Make

by Bob Avila Learn how this costly error will derail a horse’s progress, and what you can do to avoid it. Read More

Do the Hula-Hoop Lope

by Michelle Chapman This relaxing exercise will help you learn how to be more confident and supple at the lope. Read More

Steps to the Stop

by Al Dunning Learn to see and feel a stop in your mind, so you are better prepared to ask for the maneuver when horseback. Read More

Leads to Perfection

by Carol Metcalf Pro Carol Metcalf teaches you how to nail your leads—every time—by setting yourself and your horse up correctly. Read More

Get Longer Strides

by Alana Harrison Improve the quality of your rides by teaching your horse to lengthen his stride at the walk, jog, and lope. Read More

Western Dressage: Ride a Test!

by Lynn Palm Get a taste for this buzzworthy sport by trying out a Western dressage test right here. Read More

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