2015 Kentucky Reining Cup

The weekend of April 24 – 27, was a busy one for horsemen of all disciplines at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

The 2015 Kentucky Reining Cup had several stand-out performances across all divisions and included a special tribute to a kids’ favorite with a freestyle performance choreographed to “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen.”

Futurity Finalist to Kentucky Reining Cup Champ

The duo of National Reining Horse Association trainer and competitor Shawn Flarida and Magnum Chic Dunit (Magnum Chic Dream x Sheets Red Dunit) secured the $10,000 Added Spooks Gotta Whiz Open title and led the Kentucky Reining Cup Team Challenge with a 218.5-point run to kick off the event on Friday night.

Magnum Chic Dunit, owned by Eluterio Arcese of Arcese Quarter Horses USA, is a 4-year-old mare that Flarida made the NRHA Futurity Finals on last year. In the 2014 Level 4 Futurity final the pair finished with a score of 216. “She’s been a dream to train,” explains Flarida. “She keeps improving each year.”

He was happy with her performance at this year’s Reining Cup, sharing that “she was awesome in the run.” The team placed first under each judge, plus-ing nearly each of pattern 10’s maneuvers. “Her stops have always been nice, and she stopped well here,” Flarida shares. “She was good on her circles with nice speed changes in either directions, her lead changes were nice, and she got to run and stop hard. Plus, pattern 10 has the run-in start, which is awesome for her.”

The mare has a full plate this show season. “Our plan is to continue showing her throughout the season and next couple of years in NRHA aged events,” says Flarida. “Then she’ll likely have babies.”

Flarida shares why he enjoys the Kentucky-based event: “The Kentucky Reining Cup is a neat event because the facility is gorgeous, and it’s also where the World Equestrian Games representatives are chosen every three years. This mare could be one that I bring for the Montreal selection in 2017, but we’ll see how she is at that point.”

Watch Flarida and Magnum Chic Dunit here: http://on.fb.me/1GqqKvD.

Let It Go

Laura Sumrall captured the crowd’s awe and applause with her well-choreographed performance to “Let It Go,” made famous in the Disney movie “Frozen.” Wimpys Top Model (Wimpys Little Step x Sailin Bueno) and Sumrall turned in a 224.5-point run to win the freestyle title. Sumrall’s long, draping gown and blonde braid did nothing detract from her reining performance, as her pattern was complete with classic reining maneuvers as well as flourishes from other disciplines, including side passes in both directions.

Watch Sumrall and Wimpys Top Model here: http://on.fb.me/1zgJ514.

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