3 Wound Care Products You Should Have

Do you have these 3 kinds of wound care products in your barn? Well, you should!

Whether your horse comes in from the pasture with a minor scrape or is involved in an accident where he has a major wound, it’s important to always have these 3 kinds of wound care products in your barn. 

1. A Healing Ointment 

This is something you should always have on hand in your barn or groom box. A healing ointment can be used for so many different things like minor cuts, sores, burns, chapping, and even dry skin. It’s one of those general products that you’ll find yourself using on a daily basis. The Corona Wound Ointment is a great option because it’s thick enough that it stays in place and will last a long time on the skin. Its main purpose is to create a barrier against insects, moisture, and dirt so the wound can heal properly. This is a staple in most barns and you’ll probably find yourself using it for a variety of things on your horse. 

The Corona Wound Ointment provides a barrier against insects, moisture, and dirt so wounds can heal properly. Manna Pro

2. Wound Cleaning Spray 

One of the most important things to do when treating a wound is to keep it clean. If a wound gets dirt and other bacteria in it, it will never fully heal and can become infected. Soap and water are usually a good option but for more serious wounds, or if you don’t have access to a hose on a regular basis, a wound cleaning spray is a necessity. The MicrocynAH Wound & Skin Care Spray is a good option for those that need to keep a wound clean but aren’t able to wash it with soap and water every day. The gel-like formula is designed to stick to the wound and evaporate slowly. This means you don’t have to worry about rinsing or wiping it off after application. 

This gel makes cleaning wounds easy because you don’t have to rinse or wipe them after application.

3. An Anti-Itch Cream 

If your horse has itchy or bug-bitten skin he might itch until it becomes an open wound. It’s always a good idea to have a product on hand that helps with itching, burning, and stinging. Look for a product with aloe and natural oils in it because they will help soothe and condition the skin. Horseman’s Dream Cream has both aloe and wheat germ oil so it’s a great option for itchy or burned skin. 

Horseman’s Dram Cream is good for itchy bug bites or burns because it has aloe and wheat germ oil to help soothe inflamed skin.

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