A (Naked!) Episode from 'The Life of Riley'

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Shot from my kitchen window this morning, this is a photo of four horses weathering a good rain by getting under a tree.

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A pretty ordinary deal, right?

Yes, except not to the sorrel on the far left. That's my 6-year-old gelding, Riley. To him, getting out of the rain under a tree is a brand-new horse skill--taught to him courtesy of Corky and L.B., the two outfitter-string horses who know all about handling life outdoors.

Riley, you see, has been more of a barn boy until this summer. Not only that, but he's also been a barn boy clad in ?clothes. He's either been actively showing, in training somewhere, or sheltered for the winter, and has the blanket/sheet/fly cover/turnout rug wardrobe to prove it.

This season, he's finally getting a chance to be more of a naked nature boy. For the sake of a well-rounded equi-education, better late than never!