A New Blog That Caught My Attention (for 50+ Riders)

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Sheri, one of my blog readers from western Washington, has started a blog with an interesting subject--that of having and riding horses at 50+.

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Pay a visit here.

Sheri appears in this photo with Champ, the horse she inherited from her daughter. She just rode Champ in her first show last weekend--you go, Sheri!

Here is Sheri's motivation for starting her blog, as stated to me in an email:

Hope to?do my best to bring the older generation back to horses.??So many older, healthy, been there, done that horses going to slaughter or sitting idle.??I run into many older?people who?mourn the fact that they?no longer have any contact with horses and are now afraid to ride.??It seems the majority of their?hesitation centers around?a past negative experience or health challenge, as we saw in your recent blog. ? here to tell them that they CAN do this mentally, physically and fiscally.

(An FYI: My own blog post on this subject received more comments than any other topic in my three steady years of blogging on horse topics.)

If you have more to contribute to the topic, I'm sure Sheri would love to hear from you.