A real winner

Chelsea and I have spent the last two days lauding the accomplishment of our in-house AHP award-winner (see Juli’s blog for complete details). H&R art director Adam Purvis is a pretty quiet guy, but Chelsea and I weren’t going to let his win for design at the industry’s award ceremony go unnoticed by our officemates from Spin to Win Rodeo and The Trail Rider. Or by anyone else in the Louisville area, for that matter.

Yesterday, Chelsea took Adam for ice cream at the shop downstairs and proudly announced Adam’s award to their ice-cream dipper. Adam didn’t get free scoops, but he was asked if he’d be interviewed by the local paper. We’re still awaiting the call from the Louisville Times.

Today, eight of us took Adam to Smashburger for lunch to celebrate his smashing design. We toasted his accomplishment with yummy, messy burgers and chili-cheese dogs. We thought he might get a free shake, but no dice.

Adam is a pretty tolerant guy?he’d have to be to put up with the four women who write most of the magazine?but he’s getting a little tired of our threats to bring in a tiara for him to wear. So I guess we should lay off the cat calls in the hallway and stop calling him royalty. But we’ll never stop appreciating all the great work he does to make our photos and words come together on the pages of the magazine. Thanks, Adam, for making us look good!

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