Adam Takes One for the Team

For what seems like an eternity, Adam, our beloved art director, has been relentlessly teasing me for my many photo shoots with Horse&Rider (see our September issue’s ‘Blanket Bingo’, for starters). 

Well, like some always say, what goes around comes around. Yesterday, our coworkers at American Cowboy were discussing the need to find a model to fit into a pair of Carhartt coveralls. Because we sit right next to them, we heard this discussion. Innocently enough, Adam asked AC’s art director what size they were. They just happened to be Adam’s size.

After much coaxing, we convinced Adam that he must model the clothes, alongside my truck, to create an image that captured the outdoorsy, cowboy look we know he strives to exude. Enjoy the shoot’s bloopers in the slideshow below! 

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