AL, At Last!!!

A mild miracle occurred on Sunday night/Monday morning! After showing all day this past Sunday (Memphis did fabulous, BTW), I was exhausted after dinner and completely passed out on the couch—-with the TV on.?

I woke up at 2:30 am, and in my daze, I attempted to turn the TV off. (My husband has so many remote controls going, I’m scared I’ll accidentally hit the self-destruct button if I’m not careful.) Instead of turning the TV off, I inadvertently scrolled down a few channels…accidentally landing on Animal Planet…and who’s shining face do I see? None other than Mr. Albert Dunning’s!

FINALLY, I caught one of his “Untamed, Uncut” episodes. (Hoping it was a replay, and not scheduled for 2:00 in the morning.) I was super proud that one of our Team H&R members is now a full-fledged TV star!!! I immediately wanted to call all of our editors, but fortunately remembered the time.

Have any of you guys seen an episode? If so, please share. And, tell me which one you saw. This one took place in Argentina with a vaquero who was badly injured after falling off a wild, young mare.

Go Al! You’re a rock star!


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