All the Horses You've Ever Had

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OK, here's a fun exercise for anyone looking for a work diversion (and those of you who surf blogs while at work know who you are!):

Name all the horses you've ever had. I don't believe I've ever committed my own list to print, so here goes.

Buttermilk (first pony, at age 7). Lad. Whiskey Man. Tony. Fox. Fanny. Bandit. Kojak. Pawnee. Rhett. Speed Limit. Lefty. Masterson. Robin. Brando. Buddy. Ace. Rodney. Luke. Sonny. Jackson. Fargo. Magic. Presley. Cowboy. Reddy. Friday. Flash. Teddy. Sister. Beau. Rebel. JJ. Tank. Trouble. Riley. Gussie. Starla. Carson. Nelson. Chanel. Tiffany.

Did I miss anybody?

A number of these were horses I acquired with intent to resell (I have quite the large extended family of horses living with later owners), and a few were horses I raised. One or two were given to me. The purchased ones ranged in price from $100 to $9,000--the latter distinction belonging to Ace, when I bought him the second time.

Your turn!