Another Member of the Canine Editorial Team

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Readers, meet Sam, as in Sam Purvis, as in beloved pupster of H&R's art director, Adam Purvis.

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Sam, a Rat Terrier, is on a considerably smaller physical scale than Happy and Murphy, the two Labs introduced a couple of posts ago.

However, I suspect no one's told him he's a little dog. And as you can see from his expression, he brings a skeptical honesty to his editorial duties.

"Dad--dude!--you're going to put WHAT on the cover of H&R this month?!? Another horse?! Did you forget who is REALLY 'man's best friend'?"

"Um, I hate to bring this up, but that logo color you used last month did not match my dog bed AT ALL."

"Is that BLING I see on the other H&R dogs' collars? Tsk tsk...I like a more conservative look, myself. Goes with everything, and if the Big Boss drops by, I can be under a desk and under the radar in a flash."

"The dog thing? Just a disguise. I'm really just as human as the next person."