Appaloosa World: Report To Come!

Erin and I had a blast at the Appaloosa World Show last Friday in Fort Worth. We promise we haven’t forgotten to give you a full report on the show——–and the highly anticipated Breyer Horse cocktail party. But, as the mag biz goes…our January deadline is looming, and we have to kick it into high gear to meet our deadline.

Not to mention, we’re headed off to Erin’s barn and ranch area tomorrow for a photo shoot. So, much to prepare for that, as well. But, I promise we’ll give you the full dish post-photo shoot.

Did anyone else attend the show, or the “Toys For Tots” performance with the freestyle reining classes? Let us know whatcha thought! Thanks guys! Will chat with you soon…off for photo shoot preparations. ~Alana 🙂

And speaking of Breyers, are any of you collectors? I met a woman at the party who owns well over 500 models! (My mom complained back in the day, thinking 20 was too many horses for indoor display. She had NOTHING to complain about!)

(Below, a photo from the last Western pleasure class of the day, after the freestyle performances.)

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