Around the Barn with Fan of the Month, Cindy and Bravo

Earlier this week you met our Fan of the Month Cindy and her equine companion Bravo.? Today, learn a little more about Bravo, and why he and Cindy make such a winning pair.

What is Bravo’s personality like?

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Sorensen

Like most Kigers, he’s very social and loves attention, but he’s ALL GUY. He fusses at me if I make too many bathroom stops when we’re on the road, he’ll holler for me if I’m late getting his breakfast started, and he’s got a man cave in the woods where he hides out most of the day.
However, he’s also a true gentleman. He’s always willing to carry or drag obstacles out to the arena or open gates on the trail. He’s got a lot of pride and honor; he’d never do anything to embarrass himself. He’s also very protective?if there is something scary, he’ll put himself between me and it.? If I am riding he’ll flex up and stand his ground or sometimes even go “after” it.
He’s babysat young colts, and he’s very patient with them, but does not let them push their luck or get too big for their britches?he’s a very good role model for proper stallion behavior just like his sire was for him.

What’s his favorite gait?

Bravo is always ready for a gallop. If it’s not a working gait, he doesn’t really see the point of it.

Does he have a favorite treat?

Photo Courtesy of Emily Peak

He loves Mrs. Pastures, and peppermint cookies are also one of his favorite treats.

What is your favorite memory/experience with Bravo?

It would have to be swimming! I’d only owned Bravo for about a month or so, and we were at our second ACTHA ride. After the first day’s ride, the ranch owners took us out to a pond to cool off.? I hadn’t ridden bareback since I was kid and certainly never on a stallion in mixed company!
I wrapped a chunk of Bravo’s mane about four times around my fist, but he never took a misstep.? He wasn’t too keen on getting into the water at first, but we just kept circling and going a little further each time.? Suddenly he was swimming! It was so much fun! He did great and seemed to like it too.

Do you have any superstitions or rituals before a competition?

My biggest ritual is always taking care of Bravo’s needs before my own. When we are preparing for a ride, I always get him set up with hay and water before I do anything else. After a ride or event, Bravo always gets an apple or some cookies.

What is your favorite part about riding?

The bonding and communicating with my horse?it’s amazing how he’ll react from just a thought or look. I also love the feeling of freedom I have when we are cantering in an open field or alongside the road. Just the thought of cantering used to terrify me, but now it makes me feel like I have wings.

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