Bad News, Good News

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Today's bad news:

Our weanling QH filly, Tiffany, has a marked rear-limb lameness, and has to be taken to a large-animal hospital for high-grade diagnostics. To complicate matters, she's never been trailered, so her first lesson has to come under less than ideal circumstances.

The good news: The animal hospital--that of Washington State University--is only about 20 miles from home, and my husband works in the same general area of the campus. So we don't have to send Tiffany hundreds of miles from home; even if she needs surgery and has to stay there for a while, we won't be far away.

Fingers crossed for a low-hassle loading/hauling episode, and for a lameness problem that can be fixed. Tiffany is the nicest of the babies we've raised...and when it comes to lamenesses, isn't that always how it goes?!