Bad Things Come in Threes… So Who’s Next?

If bad things come in threes, then there’s still one more member of our editorial staff that’s in for some trouble. 

Here’s why:

Monday morning, Adam came into the office looking particularly tired. He proceeded to tell us of the awful fate suffered by his entire household — his dogs had a run in with a skunk, which sprayed them and the back side of their house at 11:30 Friday night. He labored until 1:30 a.m. scrubbing Bella and Gidget (his dogs), and he worked all weekend to try and quell the stench. 

For all of Monday and Tuesday, we laughed around the office at Adam’s misfortune. 

Wednesday morning, I was the one garnering all of the laughter. As I unsaddled Casady tied to my trailer at dusk Tuesday night, I smelled it — that unmistakable sour skunk smell. Remembering Adam’s story, I immediately screamed, “REEEENA” at the top of lungs. At that instant, she came yelping back to me from the brush pile behind my horse trailer. Eyes watering with drool coming from her mouth, I knew she was now covered in the awful smell. 

Now, picture this: it’s dark, my horse is breathing heavy and is half unsaddled, and my dog is running around balling like a small child throwing a fit, jumping at me to help her. My next move was to call Adam to beg him for the recipe for the mixture he used to clean his dogs, then to lock Rena in the back of my horse trailer, and THEN to put Casady in her pen so I could run to the grocery store to pick up some peroxide, baking soda, and hand soap. 

After one cold bath in the barn, followed by two hot showers, Rena is smelling a little better, but still not perfect. Ask her if she’ll go play with a skunk again, and I’m sure she’ll tell you she’s a bit wiser today. 

But, Adam and I have both advised Jen to stock up on the baking soda and peroxide before it’s too late.

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