Best Friends: Horse Edition

No, not your horse’s best friend—the best friends you’ve made through horses!

Riding horses opens many avenues for you to make new friends—and horse besties are, well, the best. Whether you travel to horse shows or spend your weekends on the trail, you are bound to make friends with others who also ride.

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Having a best friend who also rides means you not only have a friend to ride with, but also a person to call when you feel as if you’re at a dead-end with your horse. Your bestie will be the first person to offer their horse for you to ride when yours is hurt and the first to get to the barn when you call needing a ride to the vet.

Nichole Chirico

No matter how you meet your horse best friend, he or she will stick by your side through it all. Your bestie will support you as you change disciplines to better your horsemanship, or through the times when you don’t even own a horse. From training advice for the new horse in your barn, to being your hauling partner as you travel, horse best friends are your personal trainers and biggest fans.

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Unfortunately, your horse friends may not live right down the road. Sometimes they live a couple hours away—or even across the country. But the distance that separates your friendship only makes your bond stronger. You may not ride with your bestie every day—although you’re lucky if you do—but he or she is only a phone call away when you need those horsey words of encouragement.

Today and every day, be thankful for your horse best friend. It’s a special kind of friendship. Like regular friends, you and your horse friends will bicker and fight, but at the end of the day you know they’re the ones you can count on for all things horse.

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