Best Holiday Horse Memories!

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We're in the holiday countdown mode, which in my view, gives us a valid reason to be sentimental for at least the next week. So I started thinking today about my all-time best holiday horse memory, and decided I would share it.

The scenario: It's December 24, 1992. In a fantastic stroke of luck, I have managed to convince the owner of Opies Ace High, my awesome all-around horse, to sell him back to me, for considerably less than her asking price. (Not that he wasn't worth what she was asking--far from it. Just that I didn't happen to have that much money on hand at the time.) I've driven from Portland, Oregon, across the border into Canada, to fetch Ace home, and am chatting with someone at the Canadian barn.

When...around the corner comes my beloved horse, dancing sideways, and sporting a big red bow and "Merry Christmas" sign around his neck. He spots me and lets out a "Hi, where have you BEEN?!" nicker. I take his lead rope in my hands, and say, "I am never letting go of this rope again!"

That memory was made 15 years ago, and I still get misty-eyed just pulling up the mental picture of what truly was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Feel free to be sentimental right back at me. 'Tis the season!