Beware of Buying Stolen Hobby Horse Apparel

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I'm sorry to report this news:

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Hobby Horse Clothing Company, owned by the delightfully creative and one-of-a-kind Suzi Vliestra, was the victim of a devastating burglary over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. (The photo is of Suzi with her little boy, Joe--and only makes a point that the thieves really hit a family, not some faceless warehouse where no one would miss what was taken.)

The perps broke into the Hobby warehouse and made off with $250,000 worth of just-delivered show chaps and Limited Edition show blouses. The thieves took garments only--no computer equipment or other items of value.

It's realistic to believe that these items were taken for their resale value. So as a heads up:

If you run across deals on brand-new Hobby Horse apparel that sound too good to pass up, you could be looking at stolen goods. Check the Hobby Horse site for updates on the styles that were stolen, and to pass on any leads or tips that might help Suzi on the road to recovery from this loss. The case is assigned to the detective bureau of the Chino (California) Police Department, 909-591-9860.?

This is a clear case of bad things happening to good people!?