Book Review: Horses Never Lie About Love

By Julie Preble, Assistant Editor

Horses Never Lie About Love by Jana Harris

In this book, author Jana Harris tells her story of becoming a horse owner after a lifetime of dreaming of it.

Not only does Harris buy her first horse, a mare in foal, she also buys two weanlings.

With this initial group Harris starts a Warmblood farm, and, later, is able to realize her dream of showing Dressage.

She shares the farm’s triumphs and admits her mistakes, learning from them in the end.

For instance, she and her husband bought a stallion. After losing their trainer and it became clear they didn’t know how to handle and train a breeding stallion, they gelded “Kells” and sold him as a riding horse.

The author takes you through her years owning the farm, but it’s her connection with the Thoroughbred mare that started it all, “True Colors,” that makes it such an enjoyable story. Though the mare is unrideable and extremely skittish throughout the book, she and Harris eventually form a strong bond.

If you enjoy reading horse-human connection stories, Horses Never Lie About Love is certainly a good fit.

If you have non-horse friends who don’t entirely understand that connection, this is a good read for them, too, because Harris explains all the horse terms promptly in one or two words. It’s enough that non-horse people can understand, but not so much that horse people feel like the terms are being dumbed down.

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