Book Review: Horses

By Julie Preble, Assistant Editor

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’ll be reviewing four, large coffee-table-style books in the upcoming weeks. (Read the first review, here.)

No. 2?Horses by Jill Greenberg
Though there is a short story, written by A.M. Homes, included in this book, it’s main focus is the photography creations of Jill Greenberg. It features stunning photos of some of the most beautiful and powerful breeds, like the Friesian and Andalusian. The photos vary from extreme close-ups to full body shots, as well as stark white or black backgrounds to scenic backgrounds.

You might like it if?
You love beautiful photos of beautiful horses, and if you appreciate a more artistic approach to equine photography. Even your non-horse-loving friends will admire the pages in this book.

From the inside flap:
Stunning, provocative, and sensual, horses have long been admired for their dramatic physical beauty. In this artfully conceived volume, photographer Jill Greenberg captures the grand and enigmatic nature of the horse through her signature technique of digitally hand-painted photographs. Focusing on the animal?s body; on cut, striated muscles under shiny, cropped hair; on crimped manes and windswept forelocks; on the strong shoulders and hindquarters of Baroque breeds like the Friesian and Andalusian, the powerful physicality of this majestic creature is transformed by Greenberg?s lens into a brilliantly colored and hyperreal vision. Alternating between studio shoots and sessions in the wild that create fantastic natural tableaux bathed in otherworldly light, this is Greenberg?s provocative return to her first muse and love. A short story by acclaimed novelist A.M. Homes, equally talented at provocation, completes the volume.

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