Book Review: The Rescue of Belle & Sundance

The Rescue of Belle & Sundance was written by Birgit Stutz and Lawrence Scanlan.

Do you enjoy miraculous stories where the main characters face impossible odds, yet still come out victorious in the end?

If so, this is definitely a book for you.

In December 2008, Bell and Sundance, two abandoned packhorses, were found by snowmobilers in the Canadian Rockies.

The pair was starving and exhausted. They’d trampled the surrounding snow to the point where walls of it towered around them.

Author and local horsewoman Birgit Stutz heard about their plight and knew she had to do something.

She rounded up local volunteers who donated time and sweat to dig a six-feet-deep, kilometer-long trench to get them out of their snowy prison. After that, volunteers still had to lead the horses 30 kilometers down the mountain.

It’s a quick read (I finished it in one night), and it has accompanying photography that really adds to the story.

Though the snowy setting might give you a mental chill, it’s a heartwarming book that you’ll want to share with all of your horse friends.

The Rescue of Belle & Sundance is available at HorseBooksEtc.

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