Book Review: WEST

By Julie Preble, Assistant Editor

For the past few weeks, I?ve been reviewing coffee-table-style books. (Take a look back at the first and second review.)


No. 3?WEST by Lars Strandberg, Lars ?berg, and Ronnie Nilsson
Have you ever wondered what the rest of the world thinks of the great American West? This book is your chance to find out. Swedes Lars ?berg and Lars Strandberg take you along on their journey, captured through beautiful photography. It?ll make you want to pack your bag and start heading west!

You might like it if…
You appreciate vibrantly colored photography, as well as the heritage and lifestyle of the Western and Southwestern United States. Travel the whole, vast area, without ever leaving your couch!

From the back of the book:
Outside is America. Its most exciting and captivating notion is the West. This is not only a geographic place, it’s a state of mind, a part of people?s imagination. Out here, you can leave your old wardrobe behind and acquire a new identity, creating the platform for a new beginning.

In this stunning book, offering a European take on the American West, Swedish writer Lars ?berg and photographer Lars Strandberg journey through the mythology and the landscape of the wide expanses. With designer Ronnie Nilsson they have created a truly beautiful and engrossing portrait of the modern West.

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