Breaking Out the Straw

Colorado is warming up?we recently made it into the 80s. That has us thinking about straw hats!

We wear straws for competition (as assistant editor Julie Preble did when she competed at a recent reining), as well as for fun and fashion. They’re a welcome option to felt hats (though we adore those, too) just when we’re ready for a springtime change.

We want to know what time of year you break out your straw hat. Does your climate allow you to start wearing straw early in spring? Or do you wait until later in the season? Check out a few of our favorites below.

Here’s Julie in last summer’s popular style from American Hat Co., shaped by Greeley Hatworks.
Late last summer, I picked up a fun Charlie One Horse straw.
Shorty’s Caboy Hattery put the fabulous shape and banded edge on this American Hat Co. straw.

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