Building the Relationship: Chrissy Pickering and Shorty

On Wednesday you met February’s Fan of the Month Chrissy Pickering. Today we will learn more about Chrissy’s equine partner Shorty. She will share what she loves about him and what makes them such a winning pair.

What is his favorite treat?

Shorty’s favorite treat is peppermints. He goes crazy over the sound that the wrapper makes. He also likes Mountain Dew. He will drink it right from the bottle, but he only gets it on special occasions.

What is your favorite memory/experience with him?
Besides the day that I brought him home and could call him mine, one of my favorite memories would be the time that Shorty became a Hunter/Jumper over night. At the time, I was boarding at a barn that was all English riders and they were planning on going to a local show on Sunday. Today was Saturday and I wanted to go to the show too. Shorty was the only horse I had, so I set up a couple of jumps in the barn, borrowed a friend’s English saddle and tried my luck at jumping. Shorty took to it very well. I made the announcement that I was going to the show and everyone doubted me. Sunday morning when we went to the show the first class was over fences. When the results were announced, we took 1st Place! The second class was a flat class and when the results were announced?we took 2nd Place! Everyone was shocked that I took a barrel horse and taught him how to jump in one night. My response was, Shorty can do anything that he wants to.

What is his personality like?

He is a very personable horse, honest, and wanting to please. He has always taken care of me by putting me in a qualifying time or helping me out of a bad situation during a run. He is always in your pocket and gets upset when he does something wrong.

What is his running style?

He is a free runner, the kind of horse you point in the right direction and he can take care of the rest.

Do you have any superstitions or rituals before entering the show ring?
I warm him up then let him stand. Then, 10 horses before I run, I walk circles to the left because that is his 1st barrel. I do this to keep him calm because once he is fired up there is no holding him back. The only superstition I have is when my mom tells him to run fast, stay clean, and tells him the time we need to place. He usually comes pretty close.

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